2011 MBC Korean Music Festival to be broadcasted worldwide online + lineup revealed


The 2011 Melon Music Awards and 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) took place last month, and were one of the many award/music festival shows that will take place in the coming months. MBC has recently announced the date and lineup for their own music festival that will take place on New Year’s Eve.

To allow international fans throughout the world to participate in the festivities, MBC will be broadcasting the 2011 MBC Korean Music Festival (Gayo Daejun) online.

The 2011 MBC Korean Music Festival boasts an amazing lineup filled with many of the most popular K-Pop idols, including Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, miss A, KARA, IU, T-ara, Super Junior, 2PM, TVXQ, CNBLUE, SHINee, BEAST, MBLAQ, FT Island, Infinite, U-Kiss, Teen Top, B1A4, K.Will, BoyFriend, Norazo, MBC Star Audition’s Baek Chungkang, Kwon Risae, and David Oh.

The music festival will be broadcast on December 31st at 9:50PM KST (GMT+9).

Will you be catching the 2011 MBC Korean Music Festival online?

Source: @MBCKPOP

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There are heaps more amazing B2uties who stand up for what is right, than the ones who troll, so..


These people who commented and stood up for SJ were B2uties, not even ELFs. How amazing is that? So to my dear ELFs let’s try to understand as well why the ones who wrote these comments did what they did. And let’s not use impolite words, because ELFs will only act in a way that Super Junior can be proud of, right? In order to protect SJ’s name.

I don’t know any B2uties nor do I think there are any B2uties who follow me, but if you guys can just reblog this somehow, I’ll be really thankful. I almost cried at how beautiful and amazing these B2uties are, be it standing up for Super Junior and ELFs, or their determination to become a nicer fandom so that Beast won’t get hurt. I’m really thankful that their fandom has such amazing people, and I hope that one day B2uties can become a respected fandom as well. (: You guys are great, we know it too.

EverLasting Friends 짱!

Thank you so much to those B2uties. <3

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A Kpop group’s fans reporting Super Junior’s Mr Simple as a ‘harmful song’ and want it to be declared as 19+ and banned from broadcast.


So because your idol’s song was 19+ restricted, you’re reporting SJ’s song as well?
SM Ent might be known for dodgy shit, but if it could bribe these authorities, then Mirotic that sold over 400,000 copies wouldn’t have been banned, nor would SM the Ballad.

Wicked evil group? Damaging Korea’s honor?
In the name of justice? What are you, 

Just so you know, even if SJ’s album is banned from being sold to people under 19, I’m sure it’d still sell more than your group’s album.
It isn’t said here specifically what fanclub this commenter is from, but there were many who witnessed that these posts (and several other requests to ban SJ) were indeed started by B2uties.

Seriously that’s enough. So much shit from that particular fandom the past few months. Bashing Super Junior calling Donghae an orphan, bashing SS501, bashing TVXQ, Big Bang, now this?! It’s not even fair because the group is actually really nice and they do have awesome fans.

…what the bollocks is this even. Not amused at all. :|

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